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Choose a complete heating system with a heat pump.


Innovation and Efficiency: KOSPEL Heat Pump 3in1 Internal Unit

In today's world, the pursuit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utilizing renewable energy sources has become a priority for societies worldwid

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How to choose a heat pump. We show some selection mistakes.

Heat pump efficiency is a key selection criterion. The most common mistake is underestimating the pump power. What does this lead to?

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Check what to look for when buying a heat pump

Don't know what to consider when choosing a heat pump? Don't worry, not everyone has to be an expert on Renewable Energy Sources.

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The importance of a buffer tank in a heat pump system

Although almost everyone has heard about the heat buffer, few investors know what it is and why it is worth having.

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Heat pumps

Heat Pump with HPMD 3in1 Internal Unit: Heating Efficiency in a New Light

More and more people are seeking efficient and aesthetically pleasing heating solutions for their homes. When we think traditionally about heating


Kospel Sp. z o.o., the recipient of the Good Company 2023 Award

Kospel Sp. z o.o., the recipient of the Good Company 2023 Award. We are pleased to inform you that our company, Kospel Sp. z o.o., has been named the


Viessmann Climate Solutions & Carrier

The Viessmann Group is taking another step as an independent family-owned company. The Climate Solutions business area


Kospel at the largest HVAC industry fair in the world!

Responsible use of resources is one of the greatest challenges that the HVAC industry is facing. In the view of rap