Kospel Heat Pumps

Choose a complete heating system with a heat pump.


How to choose a heat pump. We show some selection mistakes.

Heat pump efficiency is a key selection criterion. The most common mistake is underestimating the pump power. What does this lead to?

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Check what to look for when buying a heat pump

Don't know what to consider when choosing a heat pump? Don't worry, not everyone has to be an expert on Renewable Energy Sources.

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The importance of a buffer tank in a heat pump system

Although almost everyone has heard about the heat buffer, few investors know what it is and why it is worth having.

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An alternative to traditional energy. See how a heat pump works

Heat pumps have become very popular today due to the increasing interest in green energy.

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Hot water

Several different ways to get hot water? Check which one is right for you.

It is difficult to imagine our current life without hot water. Depending on individual needs and, of course, technical conditions, there are a number

Hot water cylinders and tanks, central heating buffers

KOSPEL exchangers and buffer tanks. The best choice for cooperation with a heat pump.

Hot water exchangers and buffer tanks, which despite their visual similarities, perform various functions in heating installations. DHW heat exchange

Hot water

Power selection of instantaneous water heaters

The selection of a water heater with the right power is crucial if we wish to achieve full comfort of using the device. The appropriate power of the h

Hot water

Energy-saving water heating at home

The instantaneous water heater is one of the most comfortable devices for preparing hot water. The heaters only consume electricity when the water flo