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HPM2.V - integrated set consisting of an external unit HPMO2, internal unit HPMI2 for installation in new and modernized installations, and a combined "all in one" 2-in-1 SWVPC tank providing hot water even for up to 4 people.

HPM2.V System includes:

  • external unit HPMO2
  • internal unit type HPMI2
  • combined "all in one" 2-in-1 SWVPC tank

HPMI2 Internal Unit

Heating central unit with weather control, equipped with a hydraulic group and an electric heating assembly.

  • Quick installation thanks to compact housing and fitted components.
  • Advanced control capabilities:
    • Weather-based heating control.
    • Daily and weekly temperature regulation cycles for room and hot water.
    • Control of 2 heating circuits + hot water circuit.
  • Electric heating assembly with automatic power modulation:
    • **3/6 kW for HPMO2-8 and HPMO2-12.
    • ***3/6/9 kW for HPMO2-16/23.
  • Hydraulic group:
    • Three-way diverting valve that enables water heating in cooperation with the DHW heat exchanger.
    • Safety group - 12L expansion vessel, safety valve, electronic pressure gauge, automatic air vent.
  • Remote internet control using the C.MI2 module (additional equipment).

HPM2 External Unit

Pump installation is easier thanks to the built-in hydraulic group. The devices included in it are essential for the correct operation of the installation. The hydraulic group includes:

  • Energy class: A+++(35°C)/A++(55°C).
  • Coolant R32.
  • EVI injection system ensures high operating efficiency and water temperature up to 60°C.
  • Wide operating range at outdoor air temperatures from -25°C to +43°C.
  • Quiet operation - acoustic pressure level at a distance of 1m: 52 to 56 dB(A) depending on the selected unit power - Q2 coefficient.
  • Room cooling or cooperation with a fan coil unit + Anti-freeze condensate protection.
  • Smooth power modulation ensures optimal operation depending on heating needs from 2.3 to 8.2kW (A7/W35).

Combined Tank "all in one” 2-in-1 SWVPC

The combined tank combines a DHW heat exchanger with a central heating buffer tank that supports heating and cooling of spaces. The tank has a double coil "Double Coil" with a surface area of 2.7 m2.

Double Coil:
  • Special construction - two coils connected by a collector provide high flow and heating surface, guaranteeing the highest pump efficiency.
Buffer tank partition:
  • A partition in the central heating buffer tank prevents mixing of hot supply water for the central heating system with cold water returning to the buffer.
Efficiency and compactness in one:
  • Compact design allows for simplified installation in small or tight spaces, while the capacity ensures hot water comfort even for a family of 4.
Reinforced housing:
  • The ABS housing is durable and protects the tank from mechanical damage, and the material does not age during years of use.

Watch the Video and Discover the KOSPEL Heat Pump Heating System

Heat pump system includes:
  • External unit HPMO2-8
  • Internal unit HPMI2
  • Combined tank "all in one" 2w1 SWVPC
Heat pump system includes:
  • External unit HPMO2-12
  • Internal unit HPMI2
  • Combined tank "all in one" 2w1 SWVPC
Optimal amount of hot water for 3-4 people. Optimal amount of hot water for 3-4 people.
Technical data
Product CodeHPM2.V-8HPM2.V-12
Energy Efficiency Class A+++ (35°C) / A++ (55°C) A+++ (35°C) / A++ (55°C)
Maximum Heat Pump Heating Power (kW) 5.8 (A-7/W35)
7.1 (A+2/W35)
8.2 (A+7/W35)
9.2 (A-7/W35)
11.3 (A+2/W35)
12.5 (A+7/W35)
COP Efficiency Factor for: 4.6 (A+7/W35)
4.01 (A+2/W35)
3.49 (A-7/W35)
4.75 (A+7/W35)
3.94 (A+2/W35)
3.37 (A-7/W35)
Acoustic Power Level dB (A) 60 63
Max Acoustic Pressure Level dB(A) - Coefficient Q2 52 55
Power Supply 400 V 3N~ / 230 V~ 400 V 3N~ / 230 V~
Max Heating Medium Temperature 60°C 60°C
Rated Current of Overcurrent Switch 3x16A / 40A 3 x 25 A / 50 A
Min. Supply Cable Cross-Section 5 x 2.5 mm2 / 3x6 mm2 5 x 2.5 mm2 / 3x6 mm2
Total Heat Exchanger Capacity 235 235
Heat Exchange Surface (m2) 2.7 2.7
Coil Power (kW) 75 / 23 75 / 23
Insulation Thickness (mm) 67 67
Insulation Material PUR PUR
Possibility of Using a Heater
Buffer Tank Capacity (L) 60 60
Buffer Tank Insulation Thickness (mm) 67 67
Additional equipment
Product Code Description
C.MI2 The C.MI2 internet module allows remote control of the heat pump via the internet using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Control is done through a web browser, providing easy and intuitive operation, as well as access to all advanced device control functions.
HP.FF Vibration isolation stand (base) for the heat pump 600x190x200 (2 pieces in the set).
WE-019/01 Temperature sensor for the storage tank / buffer.
WE-019/05 Temperature sensor for the heating circuits.
HP.HS.24 24V humidity switch to protect against moisture accumulation.
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