High-power electric boilers capable of interacting with the central heating system and a hot-water heat exchanger.

In a nutshell:

  • EKCO.T - High-power electric boiler capable of interacting with the central heating system and a hot-water heat exchanger.
  • EKCO.TM - High-power weather compensation control boiler enabling interaction with one or two central heating circuits and a hot-water heat exchanger.
  • high power range from 30 to 48kW/power supply 400V
  • possibility of using cascade connections, in such a case the EKCO.TM (master) boiler and the EKCO.T (slave) boilers should be used

If your building has a high demand for heat energy, you can use high-power boilers.

Does your building have a non-standard demand for heat energy? The high demand does not exclude using an electric boiler. We offer boilers that can heat houses which demand up to 48kW.

Adapt to the weather (EKCO.TM)

Thanks to the weather compensation controller, the boiler is even more comfortable to use, as well as energy-saving. The weather sensor reacts quickly to the changing temperature outside and harmoniously adjusts the central heating system, which ensures smooth operation of the boiler.

Get warm exactly when you need to

Does it make economic sense to maintain a comfortable temperature in the building when no one is home? No. That is why setting the daily and weekly cycle allows you to adjust the boiler operation to your lifestyle. Thanks to this solution, the temperature is comfortable and heating expenses are significantly reduced.

Greater durability thanks to the use of two heating units

The use of two heating units reduces their load, which significantly affects their durability.

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