Inverter air-to-water heat pump of monoblock type. Rated heating power: 2.3 to 8.2 kW (A7/W35). The unit is suitable for both new single-family houses and thermo-modernized houses.


Advantages and functions:

  • Energy class: A+++ (35 °C) / A++ (55 °C)
  • Wide operating range with outdoor air temperature from -25°C to +43°C
  • Quiet operation of the unit - sound pressure level at a distance of 1m: 52 dB
  • R32 refrigerant
  • Electric heating unit with automatic power modulation 3/6 kW
  • High energy efficiency coefficient COP 4.6 (A7/W35).
  • EVI injection system - high operating efficiency and water temperature up to 60°C
  • Weather control with heating and cooling functions
  • Daily and weekly control cycle for room and DHW temperatures
  • Control of 2 heating circuits (radiators + underfloor heating) and DHW circuit.
  • Condensate protection against freezing
  • Plane room cooling or cooperation with fan coil unit

Additional function

  • Remote control of pump operation (using C.MI2 module)

Built-in hydraulic group

The installation of the pump is made easier by the built-in hydraulic group. The devices included in it are necessary for the correct operation of the installation. The hydraulic group includes:

  • three-way divider valve, which allows heating water when working with the hot water exchanger.
  • safety group - a diaphragm vessel with a capacity of 12 l, a safety valve, an electronic manometer and an automatic air vent

Electric heating unit with automatic power modulation 3/6kW

The technology used ensures that the unit uses less electricity when operating at sub-zero temperatures. Based on sensor readings, the heat pump knows what heater power will be adequate to provide the desired comfort.

Control of 2 heating circuits + hot water circuit.

The solution makes it possible to operate two heating circuits in the form of the radiator and floor heating. An additional circuit heats the domestic water in the hot water tank.

Weather control

Based on the readings from the outdoor temperature sensor, the unit automatically adjusts the system's operation to maintain the indoor temperature. This allows you to enjoy even more convenience in using the HPM2 heat pump

Cooling function

The HPM heat pump, with the help of an underfloor heating system or fan coils allows you to transfer coolness to the rooms, providing comfort on hot summer days.

Remote control with internet module

Using the Internet module (additional option), you will gain remote control over the operation of the device. You will be able to make changes in settings and correct parameters using a computer or smartphone.

Complete heating systems with HPM2-8 heat pump

Our equipment can be purchased in two optimized sets


Monobloc heat pump package consisting of HPM2-8 heat pump and SWVPC-250/60 compact heat pump tank

The capacity of the tank ensures the comfort of hot water for up to a family of 4.


Monobloc heat pump package consisting of HPM2-8 heat pump hot water exchanger. SWPC-300 and SVK-100 buffer tank

The capacity of the tank provides the optimal amount of water for a family of 5-6 people

Have questions or don't know what package to choose, contact our advisors.
We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

Technical Data
Product codeHPM.V-8HPM.P-8
Seasonal energy efficiency class A+++ (35 °C) / A++ (55 °C) A+++ (35 °C) / A++ (55 °C)
Max. heating power (kW) 8,2 (A+7/W35) 8,2 (A+7/W35)
Max. COP 4,6 (A+7/W35) 4,6 (A+7/W35)
Max level of pressure / sound power dB (A) 52 from 1m / 60 52 from 1m / 60
Max temp.of the heating medium 65o C 65oC
Voltage 400 V 3N~ / 230 V~ 400 V 3N~ / 230 V~
Rated current of the overcurrent circuit breaker 3x16A / 40A 3x16A / 40A
Minimum cross-section of the power cord 5 x 2,5 mm2 / 3x6 mm2 5 x 2,5 mm2 / 3x6 mm2
Exchanger Capacity 235 305
Surface area of coil (m2) 2,7 4,22
Power of coil (kW) 75 / 23 120 / 36
Exchanger insulation thickness (mm) 67 67
Insulation materia PUR PUR
Possibility of using an electric heater:
Buffer Capacity (L)  60 104
Buffer insulation thickness (mm) 67 65
Additional equipment
Kod produktu Opis
C.MI The C.MI2 internet module enables remote control of the heat pump's operation via the Internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone. The control is via a web browser, ensuring easy and intuitive operation and the use of all the advanced functions of the device driver
HP.FF Vibro-isolating stand (base) for the heat pump 600x190x200 (2 pcs. in the set)
WE-019/01 Temperature sensor for storage tank / buffer
WE-019/05 Temperature sensor for heating circuits
HP.HS.24 24V humidity sensor to protect against the accumulation of moisture
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