Inverter air-to-water monoblock heat pump. Nominal heating capacity: 5.2 to 10.5 kW (A7/W35). The device is suitable for both new single-family homes and after thermomodernization in combination with the combined "all in one" 2-in-1 SWVPC tank

Remember that only registered Kospel devices are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. After purchasing the pump, the installer should register the device in our system. This way, you can use the pump without worrying about the costs of possible repairs. Thank you for choosing Kospel products!

The HPM.Z-10 system includes:

  • the external unit HPMO
  • the internal unit type HPMI2
  • the combined "all in one" 2-in-1 SWVPC tank


Internal Unit HPMI2

Central heating unit with weather control, equipped with a hydraulic group and an electric heating set

  • quick installation, thanks to precisely fitted components in a compact housing
  • advanced control capabilities:
    • weather-dependent heating control
    • daily and weekly cycles of temperature regulation in rooms and for domestic hot water
    • control of 2 heating circuits + domestic hot water circuit
  • electric heating unit with automatic power modulation 3/6 kW
  • hydraulic group:
    • three-way diverter valve that enables water heating in cooperation with the domestic hot water exchanger
    • safety group - 12-litre expansion vessel, safety valve, electronic manometer, automatic air vent
  • remote control via the Internet using the C.MI2 module (additional equipment)

External Unit HPMO

Inverter monoblock heat pump with EVI injection

  • EVI refrigerant vapor injection system that ensures high efficiency operation and a water temperature of 55°C
  • Protection against condensate freezing even at temperatures down to -22°C
  • Broad operating range at outside air temperatures from -22°C to +43°C
  • Smooth power modulation ranging from 5.2 kW to 10.5 kW (A7/W35)
  • ensuring optimal operation according to heating needs
  • High energy efficiency coefficient COP of 4.5 (A7/W35)

Combined Storage "all in one" 2 in 1 SWVPC

The combined storage merges a domestic hot water exchanger and a buffer tank to support heating and cooling of rooms. The tank is equipped with a double coil "Double Coil" with a surface area of 2.7 m2

Double Coil "Double Coil"

  • Special construction - two coils connected by a collector, ensuring high flow and heating surface, guaranteeing the highest efficiency of the pump operation

Partition in buffer tank

  • The partition in the buffer tank prevents mixing of warm supply water with cold returning water to the buffer

Efficiency and compactness in one

  • The tank's compact design facilitates installation in small or confined spaces, and its capacity ensures comfortable hot water usage even for a family of four

Reinforced housing

  • The ABS plastic housing is durable and protects the tank against mechanical damage, and the material does not age over long-term use

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