Hot Water Storage Tank For Gas Boiler

Nowadays, hot water is one of the basic media at home. There are many devices enabling water heating. The choice of perfect one depends on individual needs and technical conditions. Kospel produces reliable water heaters for almost 30 years.

Water heating with a gas boiler with a storage tank

One of the most common methods of water heating are exchangers and hot water storage tanks. They cooperate with central heating boilers and store warm water for a long period. Kospel SWK Termo Top model is one of the best choices for domestic use. Energy-efficient hot water exchanger can cooperate with a gas or electric boiler. Thanks to the 65 mm thick insulation made of PUR foam, the boiler is a high energy efficiency class A.

Very good insulation reduces heat loss by up to 50%! Compared to a similar C class heat exchanger, it helps to save up to 320 kWh energy per year. The device has connector pipes upwards. They are available in volumes of 100, 120 and 140 litres. Hot water storage tank for gas boiler

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