KOSPEL cylinders and buffer tanks. The best choice for cooperation with a heat pump.

Hot water cylinders and buffer tanks, which despite their visual similarities, perform various functions in heating installations.

DHW heat cylinders are devices that enable our heating source to heat up domestic water and for us to draw it when we need it. KOSPEL DHW cylinders are available in various configurations and capacities, which increases their functionality in installations with various heat sources. However, there is a line of products that are especially recommended for cooperation with a heat pump. Why? 

The heat pump is a low-temperature heating source; therefore, the devices that work best in such an installation should have a large heat exchange surface such as panel radiators or underfloor heating systems. The same dependencies apply to DHW cylinders. Cylinders with a large coil surface will work best. That is why KOSPEL cylinders dedicated to cooperation with heat pumps have coils with an area of 2.1m2 to even 4.22m2. This makes the heat exchange between the heat pump and the heat exchanger smooth and efficient. However, is a buffer tank required for a heat pump system? Of course! We use the hot water accumulated in the tank for heating purposes – primarily to protect the heat pump. The pump, thanks to cooperation with the buffer, runs smoothly and safely, and its service life increases many times. KOSPEL buffer tanks are also available in various forms and configurations.

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