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Power selection of instantaneous water heaters

The selection of a water heater with the right power is crucial if we wish to achieve full comfort of using the device. The appropriate power of the heater also translates into the economy of its operation. Our guide today will show you which water heater to install over the sink, in the kitchen, in the shower cubicle and over the bathtub.

The power of the instantaneous water heater and the place of installation of the device

The power of the instantaneous water heater should be selected according to the type and number of water collection points. As guidance, this can be taken as the minimum power:

  • from: 3.5kW - for the washbasin
  • from 5.5kW - for the sink
  • from 5.5kW - for a shower cabin in a summer cottage
  • from 12kW - for a shower cubicle with a standard shower set
  • from 18kW - for the bathtub

What power of electric water heater to choose?

Three-phase instantaneous water heaters

At home, hot water is most often needed in the bathroom and kitchen. If the bathroom has a shower with a standard set, it is usually enough to use a device with a power of 12-15kW. Please note that if a rain shower system is used in the shower, you will need a heater with more power and efficiency. The heater must be adapted to the needs of the rain shower – usually, it will be a device with a power of at least 24kW or even 27kW. If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, then a heater with a minimum power of 18kW should be used. The described heaters are three-phase devices powered by 400V voltage, which can supply hot water to several intake points.

There are models with hydraulic control, such as the PPH3 hydraulic, and more advanced models with electronic control (e.g., the PPE3 electronic LCD are also available). It is worth noting that the choice of an electronically controlled heater gives two most important advantages – energy saving and much greater comfort of use.

Single-phase instantaneous water heaters

If we need a heater for one washbasin or a sink, then we can use a single-phase device powered by 230V. The most popular are water heaters equipped with a mixer tap and hung directly above the washbasin. This is the model of the EPS2 Twister heater, for example. EPS2.P Prister shower heaters are often used in cottages and camping sites. They have an IP25 protection degree, which means that their housings are sealed so that they can be installed in shower cabins. Amicus EPO2 heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They are small so can be easily hidden in a cupboard under the sink. At the same time, with a power of 6kW, they allow you to get a stream of water that allows you to wash a small number of dishes.

What power of heater should I choose?

Choosing a water heater with the right power is crucial. It guarantees high comfort of use. A properly selected heater will provide enough water whenever it is needed.

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