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Energy-saving water heating at home

The instantaneous water heater is one of the most comfortable devices for preparing hot water. The heaters only consume electricity when the water flows. This solution makes them extremely energy-efficient (the devices have the ‘A’ energy class). Additionally, flow heaters allow for continuous hot water consumption. In addition, it is obtained almost immediately after turning on the tap. Find out why you should install instantaneous water heaters in your home!

Hot water – immediately and without restrictions

Flow-through water heaters are selected according to the number and type of water consumption points. Due to their small size, they can be installed close to the water intake point. A wide range of heaters allows for the best choice, depending on the needs and expectations of the user. Appropriate selection and the right place of installation ensure lower water consumption and reduce heat loss.

Unlimited hot water intake gives instantaneous water heaters a definite advantage over storage water heaters. As long as you have a suitable electrical installation, there is nothing to prevent you from installing the device! Another option is to choose a storage water heater.

How do you choose an instantaneous water heater?

Flow-through water heaters are selected according to the number and type of water consumption points. At home, hot water is most often needed in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If the bathroom has a shower with a standard handset, it is usually enough to use a device with a power of 12-15kW. A heater with more power will be needed if you have a rain shower system. Then the water heating device will have to be more powerful and more efficient. In this case, a heater with a capacity of 24 to 27kW should be sufficient. A heater with a minimum power of 18kW should be used for the bathtub.

Types of instantaneous water heaters

The heaters described are three-phase devices powered at 400V. They can supply hot water to several collection points. Models are available with hydraulic switching PPH3 or the more technologically advanced model with electronic control PPE3 electronic. It is worth noting that choosing a heater with electronic control offers more advantages. It is definitely worth mentioning the higher energy savings and significantly improved comfort of use here.

Which instantaneous heater to choose?

The 230V single-phase unit can be used for a single basin or sink. The most popular are water heaters equipped with a mixer tap and hung directly above the washbasin. This is the EPS2 model, for example. EPS2.P shower heaters are often used in cottages and camping sites. They have an IP25 protection rating – their housings are sealed so that they can be installed in shower cabins. EPO2 heaters are most often used in the kitchen. They are small so can be easily hidden in a cupboard under the sink. At the same time, at 6kW, they allow you to get a sufficient flow of water to wash dishes etc. Please also use the water heater selection calculator available on our website.

Instantaneous water heater - is it worth choosing?

Based on the above calculations, it can be concluded that the preparation of domestic hot water using an electric instantaneous water heater is not expensive. This solution ensures comfortable and economical operation. This is due to the fact that the device can be optimally selected for the planned demand for hot water. The heater is installed close to the water collection points so that water and energy losses are kept to a minimum.

The Kospel company offers a wide range of water heaters. Models with power of 3.5kW to 36kW are available for sale. The selection of the appropriate device can be optimally adapted to the needs of the user. More detailed information on all heaters can be found in the ‘Products’ section.

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