Hot water storage tanks - the latest solutions

Hot water is must-have media in every home. There are many devices for domestic water heating. Everyone can choose a perfect appliance depending on individual needs and technical conditions. KOSPEL produces storage tanks for hot water for almost 30 years.

Now DHW cylinders and hot water storage tanks are one of the most popular methods of water heating. They cooperate with central heating boilers and store warm water for a long time. A built-in coil or water jacket transfers heat supplied from a boiler to domestic hot water. These devices are very popular in large installations using circulation.

How is a domestic hot water tank constructed?

The main element of the DHW cylinder is a steel tank covered with ceramic enamel. Kospel uses powder enamel technology that guarantees the highest durability of devices. It also ensures many years of trouble-free operation. This technology allows the covering of the entire surface of the tank. The selected layer of enamel protects the tank sheet against corrosion.

The welding process is also very important. Automation of this stage of production ensures full repeatability and the highest quality of tanks. The company implemented automation at each stage of production. For finished products, as well as for every single component. Kospel produces and assembles all connectors, coil, tank jacket, etc. with the highest precision. The quality control system covers all stages of production. Qualified staff checks all devices before dispatching them.

Types of domestic hot water cylinders

We distinguish two types of DHW cylinders: vertical and horizontal. Vertical devices are usually used in modern installations with gas or electric boilers. Customers can choose from many models. They are available e.g. in a mantle version or with one, two or three coils. Besides, DHW cylinders are available as hanging or standing devices with volumes from 80 to 1000 liters. Horizontal DHW cylinders are usually used to cooperate with solid fuel boilers. Volumes of horizontal appliances are from 80 to 140 liters.

Jacketed heat DHW cylinder 

Mantle DHW cylinder deserve special attention. They have much more power and efficiency than devices with the same capacities as a coil. The efficiency of the Kospel SP-180 Termo-S jacket DHW cylinder (total capacity: 183 liters) is comparable to the efficiency of a 300-liter coil DHW cylinder. Another important process in the production of mantle DHW cylinder is the tank wall weaving technology. It additionally increases the heating surface. Thanks to the greater pressure resistance (up to 0.3 MPa), it allows installing DHW cylinder in most closed central heating systems.

It is also worth to distinguish about devices with a high degree of energy efficiency (class A). In this group, we can mention for example about SWK Termo Top DHW cylinder - for installation under a gas boiler. A high-efficiency class is also characteristic of the model SP-180. A Termo-S (jacket DHW cylinders). Very good thermal insulation reduces heat loss by up to 50%! Compared to a similar C class DHW cylinder, it helps to save up to 320 kWh per year (model: SWK) and 380kWh per year (model: SP-180.A).

KOSPEL offers a wide range of water heating solutions. Customers can choose a perfect device best suited to their needs. You can compare all the appliances offered by Kospel in the section products on our website.

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