Water storage tanks and buffers made by Kospel

Kospel offers storage tanks, hot water exchangers and heat buffers in many variations. They have volume from 80 to 1000 liter. Products are ready to use in houses as well as in the large hotels and industrial facilities. Hot water storage tanks and heat exchangers are one of the most important elements in every heating installation. They must guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.

How water storage tanks are made in Kospel?

Production automation

Welding and enamelling processes are key in the production of heat exchangers. Using appropriate machines allows full repeatability and precision of performance.

Enamelling technology in Kospel

The automated powder enamelling system ensures an even coating with the greatest thickness. The first step of the enamelling process is the preparation of the steel surface in the blast room. Then tanks go to the enamel chamber. Computer-controlled varnish lances apply enamel with the highest precision using electrostatic technology. In the next stage, all tanks go to the furnace. The enamel connects to the surface creating the highest quality corrosion protection at a temperature of over 800 C.

Thermal insulation and housing aesthetics of water tanks

Kospel heat exchangers have high-quality insulation (classes A to C). The company uses two technologies to insulate tanks: polystyrene or polyurethane foam. In vertical exchangers, the casing made of hard ABS plastic provides the highest standards of protection. It ensures aesthetic appearance and resistance to mechanical damage.

A high energy efficiency class A due to the very good PUR foam insulation is characteristic for SWK heat exchangers.

100% quality control of products

Kospel implemented a multi-stage quality control system. Control procedures start from the delivery of selected steel grades supplied by proven suppliers. All welded tanks are subject to a test under pressure up to 1.2 megapascals. The test of the enamel coating takes place in a later stage of production. Qualified controllers check all finally finished tanks.

Because quality makes the difference!

Two exchangers from different manufacturers may look similar at first glance. Remember, there are companies that focus on quantity and low price. Kospel focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. The pictures above show the difference between two different products. Kospel tank is precisely painted - it guarantees years of non-problematic and safe use.

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