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Electric heating centre - third generation electric boiler

The Kospel company is one of the largest European manufacturers of electric central heating boilers. 30 years of experience and high-quality products have made Kospel electric boilers appreciated all over the world today. Recently, the third generation of devices has been very popular: electric heating centre EKD.M3 and hanging boilers EKCO.M3.

Electric heating is becoming more and more popular

The use of electricity in households is becoming more and more common. Users appreciate the convenience of installing electrically powered devices. Gas cookers are being replaced by electric ones and gas hobs replaced by induction devices. Moreover, better and better insulation technologies are used in the construction industry. As a result, the use of electricity also for heating purposes is already relatively cheap.

The entire boiler room is integrated in one housing

The EKD M3 heating centre has many advantages and is becoming more and more popular among customers. The device integrates elements of almost the entire boiler room in one housing. The control panel includes a boiler with weather control, a hot water tank with a capacity of 130l, expansion vessel for central heating and hot utility water, and other necessary fittings. The unit takes up little space, is good-looking and easy to install.

The power of the third-generation electric boiler

Meeting the expectations of customers, the EKD.M3 electric heating centre is produced in several variants. The device is available with heating powers ranging from 4 to 24kW. This allows the boiler to be perfectly matched to the energy requirements of the building. More detailed information on the electric heating centre can be found in the ‘Products’ section.

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